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1."The Engagement present"
2."The Canvas"
3."Artwork in Progress"
4."The Masterpiece"
5."The morning after the
night before..."

6."How to behave like a good girl"
7."The Smell of a Vixen"
8."Crowd Control"
9."A Calm and Secluded Place"
10."No Touchie!"
11."Make Her Look Pretty"
12."The Letter To Mom"
13."To the Paint Shop"
14."One Last Peek"
15."The Great Escape"
16."On the run"
17."Out, Damned Spots!"
19."The Naked Truth"
20."A Sleepless Night"
21."Tails of the Masked Leopard I"
22."Tails of the Masked Leopard II
- Just Relax!"

23."The Nightmare Continues"
24."The Wedding"
25."The Morning after the Wedding

27."An Expensive Honeymoon Trip"

"SPOTIFIED!" - A fox comic special with Rävelina and Leo

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"lovely comics you have created here i cant wait to read more =) " ---tori   *   "You have cute vixens ^U^ " ---Blueratm   *   "Gotta like the vixens X3 " ---Scarletfox   *   "Your art is beautiful!  ;-) " ---Springstof   *   "Cute foxes, here. n.n " ---Tremaine   *   "I Loved your comic, it was such a classic ^^ " ---Freebirth001   *   "I have just seen your online comics! They are really good!" ---Ant   *   "Your Foxes are awesome (and cute as well!) " ---artfan   *   "why isn’t your fox comic an animated cartoon? its soo fricking cute, retro and clever^^ " ---FoxenBPerry   *   "your style is amazing n_n" " ---ringtailmaster   *   "Your art style is very unique. I've never seen another style like it. Kudos to originality" --- nanokoex   *   "What adorable cartoon vixens :) Thanks for sharing!" ---rolandguiscard   *   "it was a very cute comic" --- FoxyFluff   *   "cant wait to read more" ---Cree_Coffee   *   "i'm loving the comic you are making." ---vizzy   *   "man! You got some skills!" ---Josiah Shockency   *   "your art is hilariously lovely! ^W^ your vixens are hot and fun! :-P ;-)" ---Springstof

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Please observe that the vixen is NOT naked! She is wearing her natural fur coat!

(You may think she looks naked, but that's just because you want to see her nude!)

Copyright © Mikael Malmerfors 2012. All rights reserved. Med ensamrätt.