Mikael Malmerfors presents
( not whitout considerable pride)

"lovely comics you have created here i cant wait to read more =) " ---tori   *   "You have cute vixens ^U^ " ---Blueratm   *   "Gotta like the vixens X3 " ---Scarletfox   *   "Your art is beautiful!  ;-) " ---Springstof   *   "Cute foxes, here. n.n " ---Tremaine   *   "I Loved your comic, it was such a classic ^^ " ---Freebirth001   *   "I have just seen your online comics! They are really good!" ---Ant



Kapitel 10. "Rävbröllopet "           ( 29 sidor) 

Inte vilket bröllop som helst utan ett dubbelt rävbröllop!

Dubbelt så romantiskt, dubbelt så kul och dubbelt så snabbt - vi vill ju inte att bröllopsmiddagen ska kallna! Och får vi någonsin veta vem som tände eld på hotellet under bröllopsmiddagen?


Chapter 10. "The Fox Wedding"     (Completed -29 pages) 

Not just any wedding but a double fox-wedding!

Twice as romantic, twice as fun, twice as fast - you don't want to eat the wedding dinner cold, do you? And will we ever find out who set the hotel on fire at the wedding reception?